Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

For over 70 years, Sawnee EMC has been dedicated to providing members with highly reliable electric service throughout a wide range of conditions and at competitive retail rates. To further this commitment, Sawnee EMC has deployed a state-of-the-art, two way, meter reading system that uses a series of towers and collectors to monitor and read Sawnee’s electric meters. This system is referred to as “Advanced Metering Infrastructure” or “AMI”. Sawnee’s staff has developed cutting edge tools that use this energy data to present it in an “easy to understand” format that can help you manage your energy usage.

The technology that Sawnee has deployed as a part of its AMI system is one of the most advanced meter reading system of its kind in the electric utility industry. The AMI system functions by utilizing a digital meter at your location that collects, stores and sends near “real time” energy usage data through a communication network connected to a central computer system located at Sawnee’s headquarters. Read a brochure about our ami meters.

Information Uses:
Once the data is received by Sawnee, the information is integrated for billing purposes, outage management, engineering analysis and power theft prevention. Our Frequently Asked Questions describe in detail how these approaches fit into our overall business processes.

Sawnee EMC has deployed a energy data presentment portal, which allows Sawnee members to securely review daily energy usage data. This data has certain limitations. Please read the Disclaimer to fully understand the information being presented. In the near future, we envision Sawnee EMC members having access to even more data, including near "real time" information such as hourly energy data for your account(s).

Your Energy Bill:
It has been said that "to measure, is to know" and Sawnee EMC is assisting its members by providing them with daily and hourly measurements of their energy usage. By "knowing" what level of energy (measured in kilowatt hours or "kWh") you are using each month, each day and even each hour, you must understand "what" appliances and / or activities in your home or business are affecting your energy dollar.

The key to lowering your bill is to conserve energy. Find that one item in your home or business that is impacting your usage and address it. Not sure where or how to start? View information and tips on "how" to lower your overall energy usage, and therefore lower your monthly bill.

Our Energy Services staff stands ready to assist you in assessing your energy usage. Give us a call at (678) 455-1579 or drop us an email at

Got Questions?
For additional information and details regarding the AMI system, please contact the Marketing Dept at 770-887-2363, ext 7544 or via email at