Underground Cable Replacement Project

Why is Sawnee performing this project?
Sawnee EMC is taking a proactive stance on replacing certain underground primary cable that has been in service for several decades; this is in lieu of waiting for this cable to fail unexpectedly. The purpose of the project is to increase the reliability of service to our Members. By replacing these facilities now, Sawnee EMC is taking all steps possible that will allow us to provide reasonable electric service, even during outage situations, with the most reliable distribution system possible.

What type of work does this project entail?
Sawnee EMC will be replacing primary cable only. In general, this is the cable located along the streets and sidewalks, and between transformers. We will not be replacing any of the underground service cable which runs from the transformer to the home.

The process will utilize a directional boring technique instead of a trench approach in an effort to minimize digging in a given area.

In most cases, this involves setting up the boring machine and boring a path to replace the underground primary conductor to each transformer location. A small pit will be dug at each transformer location, and small “pot holes” will be dug periodically along the route to visually verify the location of other utilities to prevent damage.

Several vehicles may be involved in the process which may mean reduced traffic speeds in the area.

How long will this project last and when should I expect the work to begin in my neighborhood?
Please view the project schedule (PDF) to find information on when and where work will be done. This information is subject to change.

Will the landscaping be damaged on my property?
Any damage to landscaping should be minimal. It may be necessary at times to remove shrubs, bushes, and trees from around some transformers or other equipment to create a safe working environment and to allow for access. Sawnee EMC will repair or replace landscaping, as needed, after the work has been performed at each location. Weather is always a factor in this process.

Who can I contact about this project?
You may contact our underground cable project coordinator, Paul Shadburn, by phone at
678-455-1508 or email him. paul.shadburn@sawnee.com. Also, you can contact our Call Center at 770-887-2363 or via email at customer.service@sawnee.com.