Load Management

Load Management Brochure

Receive a $36 credit per year for each switch installed!


Just participate in our Load Management Program. Let SEMC install a Load Management Switch for your air conditioner or heat pump. This switch allows the unit to be cycled off for brief intervals during times of peak demand / peak energy usage. The load management program runs from June 1st through August 31st. When needed, generally, the switches can be activated Monday through Friday between the hours of 2:00-7:00 pm.

How does the switch work?

The load management switch is radio controlled. On days when the demand for electricity is critically high, we will transmit a radio signal from our office to cycle the air conditioners off for approximately 7 ½ minutes out of every 30 minutes. The fan will continue to run to maintain comfort in the home, so you should not even notice that the compressor is off. The combined effect of all the switches on our system allows for a reduction in peak demand.

Why is it important to reduce peak demand?

Peak demand determines, in part, the cost of electricity purchased by EMCs. As peak demand grows, power suppliers must provide more fuel to generating facilities to keep up with the demand. More fuel means a higher price per kilowatt and more cost for the consumer. By helping to control peak demand, you can help keep power cost lower and conserve energy.

Can I request a load management switch to be installed if I do not own the residence?

Due to the fact that the HVAC equipment is owned by a homeowner, permission must be granted by the homeowner before the installation of a switch is possible. Unfortunately we do not install switches for residents of apartment complexes.

What does the switch look like and where will it be installed?

The switch is approximately eight (8) inches square and is mounted on a bracket that is installed in the ground next to the air conditioning unit. The switch will not be mounted on the exterior of your home or on the unit itself.

Image of Load Management switch installed on air conditioning unit
Image of Load Management switch installed on air conditioning unit

Will the load management switch damage my air conditioner?

Absolutely not! The load management switch will only interrupt the flow of electric current to your equipment and will not damage the unit.

Do I need to be home when the switch is installed?

No. It isn't necessary for anyone to be at home at the time of installation.

Get the switch - IT'S FREE, plus you get money!

The switch is not only installed at no cost but also maintained by Sawnee EMC free of charge. You'll also receive an annual $36.00 rebate per switch - payable as a $12.00 credit on your June, July, and August billing statements. Any dissatisfaction or problems will be handled promptly when Sawnee EMC is first contacted. The switches must remain intact and should not be removed by anyone other than a Sawnee EMC employee.

How do I sign up?

It's easy to participate! Just complete the online Load Management Sign-Up form or call Sawnee's Customer Service Center, at (770) 887-2363 and tell a Customer Service Representative that you would like to take part in the Load Management Program!

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