Virtual Solar – Going Solar Just Became Easy!

What is Virtual Solar?
Sawnee’s Virtual Solar Program allows its members the opportunity to purchase solar power, regardless of the location of your home or whether you own or rent. The electricity you receive is generated at off-site solar facilities, and you can purchase blocks of solar energy for an additional monthly rate. The electricity delivered to your home through the power grid is calculated and the solar energy generated from your panels will offset your traditional electricity usage. It allows you to receive your share of the sun without the hassle!

All of the Advantage – None of the hassle
With the Virtual Solar Program, many members who are not able to purchase and install their own solar panels, including those who rent, have strict HOA rules or shade issues can participate in Virtual Solar. Plus, there are other advantages:

  • The size of a utility scale solar project brings the cost down compared to an individual system
  • No holes in the roof and no need to worry about the orientation of the roof
  • No maintenance and upkeep by the homeowner
  • No long-term contract or financing

Pricing and Energy Production
Blocks of solar electricity are as follows:

Virtual Solar Charge(s)

Period One (1) Block Two (2) Blocks
April – Sept. $21.75 per month $43.50 per month
Oct. – March $15.50 per month $31.00 per month

Each block includes the energy produced by ten (10) solar panels and members may purchase a maximum of two (2) blocks. Energy output will vary for reasons such as cloud coverage, the sun’s angle and time of year.

A Solar Energy Generation Tool is located on the right side of this page. The slider bar enables you to view the actual historical output of the solar panels.

Length of Commitment
You can discontinue your participation in Virtual Solar at any time by notifying us. If you leave the program and decide to rejoin later, we cannot guarantee there will be availability.

Impact on Your Bill
We have created an impact analysis tool to show you what affects this program could have on your bill. It is based on your historical data and historical solar output data and is not a representation of what you will be billed in the future. It is for “evaluation purposes” only.

Important: When requesting an impact analysis, please provide, in the email, your Sawnee EMC account number, service address and the name on the account.

Request an impact analysis here.

Sign Up
You can sign up by contacting Sawnee EMC at 770-887-2363 or by using our easy virtual solar sign-up form

Thank you for visiting Sawnee’s Virtual Solar Program site! Our goal is that you will learn more about our Virtual Solar Program and find out if it is a fit for you. Below you will find helpful information to explain the program, as well as informative links such as FAQs. If you have any questions, please contact our Marketing Department.