Sawnee EMC PURPA Proceedings


The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (“IIJA”), adopted in November 2021, amends the Public Utilities Regulatory Policies Act of 1978 (“PURPA”) by requiring the consideration of two (2) new standards for those electric utilities with annual retail sales of electric energy exceeding 500 million kWh in 2020 or 2021. Sawnee EMC meets this energy threshold.

Below is an abbreviated version of the two (2) new PURPA standards enacted by the IIJA:

(1) to promote the use of demand-response and demand flexibility practices by consumers to reduce electricity consumption during periods of unusually high demand, and to establish rate mechanisms to recover the cost of promoting said practices, and

(2) to consider measures to promote greater electrification of the transportation sector, including establishing rates to promote and improve EV charging options and public EV charging infrastructure.

View the full text of the two (2) new PURPA standards enacted by the IIJA, as well as their citations.

Schedule of Events:

Shown below are the major events that are to occur regarding Sawnee EMC’s PURPA proceedings relative to the consideration of the two (2) new standards stated above:

Notices of Intervention Due
March 10, 2023
Hearing at Sawnee EMC
May 9, 2023
Record Closes
June 23, 2023
PURPA Process Concludes
Late 2023

You can find a more detailed list of events and dates here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

To aid Sawnee EMC members and interested parties in reviewing Sawnee EMC’s PURPA proceedings, the staff has developed a list of FAQs. These will be updated over the course of Sawnee EMC’s PURPA activities as new questions are posed. View the FAQ document.


Questions or inquires about Sawnee EMC’s PURPA process and or activities should be directed to Sawnee EMC’s PURPA Officer, Mr. Blake House, Vice President of Member Services, at or by calling (678) 455-1510.

Shown below are the various documents that are being made available to those interested or desiring to participate in Sawnee EMC’s PURPA proceedings:

  1. PURPA Manual - Description of the rules that will apply to SEMC’s PURPA process.
  2. Notice of PURPA Hearing - Official notice of SEMC’s PURPA hearing.
  3. Notice of Intervention - Form to be used by a person interested in intervening in SEMC’s PURPA proceedings.
  4. Limited Appearance by Written Statement Form - Form to be completed by a person who wishes to make a limited appearance at SEMC’s PURPA hearing.
  5. Request for Information - Form to be used to request information relating to SEMC’s PURPA proceedings.
  6. Application for Compensation - Form to be used to request compensation relating to SEMC’s PURPA proceedings.
  7. Application for Transcript - Form to be used to request a copy of the transcript of SEMC’s PURPA proceedings.
  8. View Full Testimony - This is the pre-filed testimony of Sawnee EMC.
  9. Moderator’s Report – PURPA Report from proceedings held on May 9, 2023
  10. Board of Directors Written Determination
  11. PURPA Determination Resolution